Shendy's Other Services

There's the hard way, and then there's the Shendy's way
What does it take to run a succesful swim school? A safe and fun camp? Launch a new product? Let our consulting services show you the Shendy's way!

We specialize in:
  • Swim School Startups
  • Aquatic Facility Design
  • Swim Program Design
  • Camp Activity Programming
  • International First Aid Training
  • New Product Launches
  • Recreational Enrolment and Registration Platforms
  • Private Programs

    We open our space up for select private programming. Check our state of the art, organic salt water pool facility - then get in touch so we can work out the details!

    Partner Wall

    Shendy's Partner Walls feature a dedicated portion of our interior space located within our viewing gallery and pool area. Both are high traffic areas with over 1,000 sets of eyes each week.


    RgstrMe is a fully integrated online registration, enrolment, and customer relationship platform. Unlike off-the-shelf shopping carts, this customized platform helps to identify & maximize your capacity.


    Kiddie Proofers

    Shendy's is proud to be partnering with Kiddie Proofers.
    Full Home Safety Solutions, Products, and Services:
    Child Proofing
    Car Seat Installations + Lessons
    Pool Safety Fencing
    Pet Safety
    Handyman Services
    Home and Senior Safety
    Anti-Slip Solutions
    Mention Shendy's when you contact them