School Programs

Our aquatic and first aid programs enhance traditional public and private school physical education and extracurricular activities. With years of experience we cater our programs to both students and teachers. We can arrange programming at our newly renovated facility or provide training at your school.

We offer:
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Staff CPR & First Aid Training
  • Student CPR & First Aid Training
  • Swim Team Practice & Coaching
  • Swim to Survive & Swim Testing
  • Swim Phys Ed
  • and more!
  • Swimming Lessons

    Let us teach your students how to swim! We provide lessons for all grades and abilities. Ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour per class, available from September to June.

    Staff First Aid

    Ensure your employees are compliant with WSIB standards, and appropriately trained for a variety of minor injuries and emergencies in a school setting.

    Student First Aid

    We cater our first aid program to school students, offering relevant scenario based training to ensure students are well prepared to help in the event of emergencies.

    Swim Team

    Help your swim team improve their performance and reach new heights with training at our facility. Bring your own coaches or utilize ours. Our salt water pool is complete with diving blocks and all the equipment your team needs to go for gold.

    Swim Testing &
    Swim to Survive

    Ensure the safety of your students by completing swim testing prior to your Outdoor Education experiences. Enhance their swimming and treading skills so they are more prepared for unexpected falls into deep water.

    Aquafit & Fitness Classes

    We focus on developing strength, endurance and aerobic fitness. Swimmers will have the opportunity to try a range of swimming strokes, drills, exercises, sports and games such as aquafit and water polo.