Make-Up Policy:
As of summer 2014, Shendy’s will not be offering make-up classes for missed classes during the session.

Alternative Option for missed classes:
Shendy’s will provide one ‘swim pass’ for classes that are missed throughout a given session per student. This pass can only be redeemed on listed ‘swim pass’ days that will be announced throughout the session. A ‘sign up’ list will be found at reception as there will be a maximum number of swimmers that can use their swim pass at any one time in the pool. Note: Swimmers that typically swim in the shallow end must be accompanied by an adult. Swimmers who typically swim in the deep end will be supervised by a lifeguard. ‘Swim Pass’ times will be equivalent to a 30 minute or 1 hour length depending on the session registration. Swim Passes may only be used by the student who missed a class throughout the session. There will be no charge for an accompanying parent/guardian.