Camp Programs

Every camp has unique needs when preparing for the upcoming season. Whether your camp needs to update staff certifications, provide pre-camp training, arrange summer programming or build on existing skills - we can help. Since 1992, we have worked with the Ontario Camps Association (OCA), making us the ideal partner to ensure your summer is a success.

We offer:
  • Pre-Camp Leadership & First Aid Training
  • Waterfront Director/Supervisor Training
  • Pre-Camp Aquatic Development
  • Swimming Lessons and Rec Swims
  • Safety Training
  • Examining Services
  • Leadership & First Aid Training

    We offer all of the Lifesaving leadership courses to ensure your waterfront staff, swim instructors, counsellors and supervisors/directors are trained and properly certified to meet government regulations and OCA standards. We also specialize in training international candidates.

    Pre-Camp Aquatics

    Enhance the effectiveness of your swim staff by providing hands-on in-water training sessions from our most experienced instructors. Adopt our 10 level modified Lifesaving swim program and bring our technical expertise to your camp.

    Waterfront Director Training

    Prepare your directors and supervisors for a successful summer. Receive updates on current regulations, get assistance planning and evaluating your aquatic programs, and training on day to day operations for both pools and waterfronts.

    Safety Training

    Camp is full of the unexpected. Let us lead you through practice lifeguarding scenarios, teach your non-aquatic staff how to recognize aquatic emergencies, and reinforce the importance of being vigilant. Ensure your staff are ready and prepared to respond when someone needs help.

    Swimming Lessons & Recreational Swims

    Expand your summer program and bring campers of all ages and abilities to our pool for a set of swimming lessons. Just want to have fun? Let your campers cool down and enjoy some free time with a recreational swim. Lifejackets, toys and equipment are provided. Available for Toronto area day camps.

    Training and Examining

    We provide qualified staff to conduct on site exams for campers and CITs who have participated in the Bronze Medallion or Cross programs. We also provide all levels of First Aid and CPR training to campers and CITs. Higher level courses available upon request.